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'PEACE UNDER FIRE' Slices Volume 2 (Jumbo Size)

'PEACE UNDER FIRE' Slices Volume 2 (Jumbo Size)

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Size: 10” x 10”

Medium: Gyclee on Sigma Smooth 300gsm cotton rag paper with holographic foil, spray paint, laser etching, unique serial number, silver embossed seal, custom burn damage and signed by the artist. Comes inside magnetic plexiglas casing.

Edition: 50pcs

This project is a follow up to Eaton’s 2022 ’Slices’ project which explored the notion of ‘art as currency’. Each print in the ‘PEACE UNDER FIRE’ collection represents a fractional ownership of the painting of the same name. Mimicking a Fort Knox model, the currency’s value is backed by the actual painting which is kept in perpetual, temperature controlled storage in Los Angeles, CA. Every year the painting will be re-appraised and the new price will be posted publicly thus affecting the value of the currency. This particular collection will be raising funds for

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